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JHE20B Integrated battery buzzer with LED

16.19 EUR
9.97 EUR
Discount: 6.22 EUR
Discount: 38%
Model: JHE20B

The JHE20B Finder is a 5v buzzer with integrated battery, now smaller than the first version.  This allows you to locate your drone even if the main battery has disconnected.



To turn off the buzzer:

Press and hold the buzzer button for at least 2 seconds.
The JHE20B Finder is compatible with both BF and CF flight controllers.
Connect the buzzer wires to the corresponding connectors of the flight controller (red-5V; black-ground; yellow-BB) and you are ready to use.
If the wiring is correct, the drone's battery will charge the buzzer's battery and the red led will light up. If the red LED goes out, the battery is charged.
If the red LED is flashing, the flight controller has been turned off and the 30-second countdown has started before the beep.


volume 110 dB
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 10x20 mm
Mounting pattern free
Weight 2,7 g
Built-in battery 75mah
Working time 1 hour

Package contents

1x buzzer

1x 3 pin cable


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