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About us

The founders of the company have been dealing with UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technologies for almost ten years. And in the last few years, FPV (First Person View) drones have come specifically to their attention.

This obsession led them to constantly train themselves without regreting time, energy and money, and to voluntarily or unwillingly come into contact with the largest manufacturers on the market. This communication led to the determination that a commercial unit capable of serving the region’s FPV obsesses here should be created to help those obsessed with this new hobby - and other sports today.

Our secret goal is to be the suppliers of the Central European region to the FPV market.

This is conditional on meeting the following requirements:

- We can deliver the product to the buyer or supplier quickly, preferably on the day of the order.

- Have adequate stock for security of supply.

- Last but not least, let's be competitive in price in the international competition.

- And although many of us sometimes forget to help those who turn to us with proper humility.

We are confident that meeting these four expectations on an ongoing basis is not easy. However, we hope that our obsession will give us enough impetus to prove it to more and more of our partners. Even to those who did not believe in our success in the beginning.