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GEP-GR2207 2400KV motor

23.50 EUR
20.26 EUR
Discount: 3.24 EUR
Discount: 14%
Model: GEP-GR2207_2400KV
  • NSK high-efficiency bearings
  • 0.15mm silicon steel laminations
  • N52H arc magnets
  • Al 7075 CNC
  • 2400KV
  • The weight is 32g only
KV value


After two months of testing optimization, GEP-GR2207 was finally produced. The exterior still USES the four-sided structure of GR2306, which is durable and beautiful.

GR2207 is made of advanced materials, including NSK bearings, 7075 aluminum, high precision CNC, N52H arc magnets, etc. GR2207 provides 3 kv, which is 1900kv, 2400kv and 2700kv respectively. Each kv can meet different needs.  The 2400kv is suitable for Freestyle flight, efficient and powerful. GR2207 also provides two colors, Chinese red and titanium.


Motor stator size 2207
voltage 4-5 cell (14.8V-18.5V)
Weight 31 g
Propeller mounting 5mm schaft
POPO compatiblequestion_mark no
KV 2400kv
Configuration 12N14P
Stator Diamter 22mm
Stator Length 7mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm(Hollow)
Motor (Dimension(Dia.*Len)) Φ26.7*30.5mm
Idle current(10)@10V(A) 2.4
No.of Cells(Lipo) 4~5S
Max Continuous (Power(W)15S) 950
Internal Resistance 39mΩ
Max Current(30S) 45A
Max.Effciency Current (3-7A)>82%
Rotor N52H arc magnets
Bearings NSK
Base casing Al 7075
Wire AWG 20AWG
Weight(g) 31

Package contents

1x GEPRC GR2207  Motor
1x GEPRC M5 Aluminum Lock Nut
4x M3x6 Button head screws
4x M3x7 Button head screws
4x M3x8 Button head screws


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