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GEP-GR2004 1750kv Motors

22.37 EUR
Model: GEP_GR2004_1750kv

.High-efficiency and Smooth

Perfectly Fit to Toothpick and Long Range FPV

Dynamically balanced with Dual Bearing Design

Best for 5inch Propellers

KV value


GEPRC GR2004 brushless motor, specially developed for Toothpick & Long Range FPV, Both versions are available:1750KV & 2550KV, The Super Motors are adequate for our whatever needs.

GEPRC GR2004 has a good heat dissipation, lightweight design, advanced technology about material,Perfectly Fit to Toothpick and Long Range FPV


voltage 2-6 cell (7.4V-22.2V)
Propeller mounting 1.5mm shaft
POPO compatiblequestion_mark no
Item GR2004
KV 1750KV
Configuration 12N14P
Stator Diameter 20mm
Stator Height 4mm
Shaft Diameter Φ1.5mm
Size Φ15.3mm*13.8mm
Rotor N52H
Weight 16.8 grams
Target Toothpick & Long Range FPV
Recommend the battery 1750KV(2-6S)

Csomag tartalma

1 x GR2004 Motor

4 x M2x4 Button head screws

4 x M2x5 Button head screws

4 x M2x6 Button head screws


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