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Walksnail Avatar HD Mini VTX V3 Module

93.77 EUR
Model: WN01-FP0V3


Bullet Point for Walksnail Avatar HD Mini VTX V3

  • Walksnail Avatar HD Nano Kit V3 is suitable for more drones, with 3.1-13V voltage input and 500mw power output, you'll be able to fly various kinds of drones with amazing video quality and range.

with 3.1-13V voltage input and 500mw power output

  • The Avatar vtx comes with 32g built-in storage, it can record 1080p HD and interference-free flight footages without adding an extra SD card and an action camera, reducing the overall weight of the drones and extending the flight time, allowing you to experience a more comfortable flight while recording 1080 HD videos.

32g built-in storage

Note:USB Cable needs to be purchased separately

Model Avatar HD Mini VTX V3
Communication Frequency 5.725-5.850GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC:<27dBm;CE:<14dBm;SRRC:<20dBm;
MIC: <25dBm
I/O Interface JST1.0*4(Power in)JST0.8*4(USB)
Mounting Holes 25.5*25.5mm(M2 hole); 20*20mm(M3 hole)
Dimensions 31.5*31.5*9.4mm
Storage 32G
Recording 1080p/720p
Weight 13.4g
Operating Temperature -20-40℃
Channels 8
Wide Power Input 3.1V-13V
Supported FC System Betaflight; Tendon; You are fat; Little; ArduPliot
OSD Canvas mode
Latency Average latency 22ms
Antenna 1 (IPEX)


Antenna connector IPEX (u.FL)
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 31,5X31,5X9,4 mm
Mounting pattern 20x20/25,5x25,5 mm
Radio frequency 5.8 GHz
Weight 13,4 g

Package included

1 x VTX


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