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ToolKitRC M7 charger

57.37 EUR
Model: ToolKitRC_M7
The ToolkitRC M7 is a 200W multifunctional balance charger with 33.3% more power than the M6. With its IPS wide-angle display and simplified interface, this charger is ideal for outdoor viewing. The scroll wheel allows for better control for years of trouble-free use!
Maximum parallel charge: 1 akkumulátor
AC power input: nincs



Cell count 1-6
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 73 x 51 x 27 mm
Weight 90 g
DC power input 7 - 28 V
DC plug XT60 plug
Charge current 0,1-10 Amper
Discharge current 0.1 - 3
LCD IPS 2.0inch LCD 320*240 Pixel
Pack size 84*79*39 mm
Pack weight 150g
Discharge power 200W @MAX 10A Recycle mode / 10W@3A Normal mode
Type of battery Lipo LiHV LiFe Lion@1-6S / NiMh @1-16S Pb @1-10S
Input voltage 7.0-28.0V @MAX 12A
Charger power 200W @MAX 10A
Balance current 400mA @2-6S
USB 2.1A @5.0V or Upgrade
Power supply 1.0-28.0V @1.0-10A mode:CC+CV
SBUS 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
PPM 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
PWM 500-2500us @20-1000Hz
OverCurrent Cutoff time <5ms
SBUS 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
Internal resistance 1-99mR @1-6S
PPM 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
ESC 200W@10A PWM Output
PWM 880-2200us @20-400Hz
Voltage 1.0-5.0V @1-6S

Package contents

1 x ToolKitRC M7

1 x USB charger cable


3 rating
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Nagyon jó töltő! A dobozból kivéve kalibrálnom kellett, de ez csak 5perc volt egy aksi, egy multiméter, és egy YT tutorial segítségével.

Very good charger! I had to calibrate it out of the box, but it was only 5 minutes with an axi, a multimeter, and a YT tutorial.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Verified purchase
A töltő nagyon jó, csak a dobozból kibontva nincsen kalibrálva a feszültség. (-e miatt ír ki hibaüzenetet ballance töltéskor) YouTube tutorial-ból 5 perc alatt meg van a kalibrálás.

The charger is very good, only when unplugged from the box the voltage is not calibrated. (due to whether it prints an error message when loading ballance) Calibration is complete in 5 minutes from the YouTube tutorial.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Verified purchase
Gyors szállítás, jó termék.
A dobozban sajnos csak egy USB kábelt adnak a szoftverfrissítéshez.
Ehelyett hasznosabb lett volna pl egy csipeszes tápcsatlakozó..

Fast delivery, good product.
Unfortunately, only one USB cable is included in the box for the software update.
Instead, it would have been more useful, for example, to have a clip-on power connector.