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ToolkitRC M6DAC 200w AC/DC Smart Charger

176.18 EUR
123.24 EUR
Discount: 52.94 EUR
Discount: 30%
Model: ToolKitRC_M6dAC


The ToolkitRC M6DAC 200w AC/DC Smart Charger is a desktop power supply with a 3.5" IPS wide-angle display and 65w fast charge output. This power supply has an AC/DC dual-mode input which is ideal for your charging needs. The metal dial wheel allows for better control and can withstand well over 100,000 clicks!


Cell count 1-6
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 127x106x57 mm
Maximum parallel charge 2 akkumulátor
Weight 520 g
AC power input 100-240 Volt
DC power input 7 - 28 V
DC plug XT60 plug
Charge current 0.1 - 25 Amper
Discharge current 0.1-15

Package contents

1x ToolkitRC M6DAC 200w AC/DC Smart Charger


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