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RadioMaster - 4in1 Multiprotocol Module Nano and Micro Compatible

74.17 EUR
Model: HP0157.4IN1RF
geographical location: EU LBT


The RadioMaster 4IN1 external module is a multi-protocol module that integrates CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936 RF chips. Designed for OpenTX and EdgeTX systems, the RM 4IN1 module allows the radio to connect with most mainstream protocols on the market.


  • Up to 20dBm power output

  • Compatible with more than 70 RF Protocols

  • Wireless trainer function

  • For ZorroBoxerTX16S MKIITX12 MKII and more


  • Item: RM 4IN1 Module

  • Operational voltage: 4.5-8.4V

  • Operational frequency: 2.4G ISM band (2400mHz - 2483mHz)

  • RF Chipsets: CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936

  • Operational current:≈100mA

  • RF Gain: +20dBm

  • Weight: 30g (without antenna)

  • Dimension: 73*42*22mm (without antenna)

Compatible with more than 70 RF protocols

RM 4IN1 is compatible with more than 70 RF protocols, including DSMX, Flysky, SFHSS, HiTec, HoTT, OMP, Radiolink, Frsky and many more.
RM 2.4GHz 4IN1 Module

Wireless trainer function

When used in conjunction with a suitable EdgeTX or OpenTX compatible radio such as the TX16s, TX12 or Zorro the RM 4in1 module can be used as a wireless trainer link to a student radio such as another TX16s, TX12, Zorro or any other radio capable of transmitting DSMX, Frsky or Flysky protocols.
RM 2.4GHz 4IN1 Module

FCC Version and EU LBT Version are Available

Currently, we provide the standard FCC version and the EU LBT version. FCC Version supports all MPM protocols. And EU LBT Version is limited to LBT compliant protocols FrSKY X/X2 LBT, HoTT LBT and DSMX.

NANO & JR Adapter

The RadioMaster 4IN1 module is a nano module by default. A JR adapter is included as standard. Support Zorro, Boxer, TX16S MKII, TX12 MKII and more.

RM 2.4GHz 4IN1 Module


RM 2.4GHz 4IN1 Module


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 73x42x22 mm
Input voltage 4.5-8.4 V
Radio frequency 2.4 GHz
Weight 30 g

Package included

1 * RM 4IN1 Module

1 * JR Adapter

1 * Stick Antenna


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