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Pavo20 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter-ELRS (For DJI O3 HD Digital VTX)

149.77 EUR
Model: beta_pavo20_elrs_2.4g


Pavo 20 is designed as a 2″ DJI O3 cinewhoop under 150g, also compatible with the Caddx Vista and RunCam Link. Innovative PA12 material thickened cross-section whoop duct, ingeniously employing the principles of aerodynamics and synergizing flawlessly with an enhanced 3S power system, will deliver unparalleled thrust. The camera mount has undergone a comprehensive redesign, ensuring precise protection. It accommodates COB LED stripes seamlessly. The marvel of engineering showcases unparalleled performance both indoors and outdoors as the epitome of excellence in the realm of DJI O3-compatible quadcopters.

Bullet Point

  • Pavo20 is an ideal choice for small indoor and outdoor lightweight 2'' DJI O3 cinewhoop under 150g.
  • Integrated injection molding HD VTX mounting bracket, effortless installation. The camera side panel and 4-point fixation hole design precisely safeguard the lens, guaranteeing uncompromised lens protection.
  • Innovative PA12 material thickened cross-section whoop duct, ingeniously employing the principles of aerodynamics and synergizing flawlessly with an enhanced 3S power system, will deliver unparalleled thrust. 
  • An open-ended battery strap slot that accommodates 2~3S batteries* while keeping side-limitation slots ensures stability.
  • The new F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 weighs only 5.92 grams and is optimized for HD digital VTX. Its improved computing power, high response speed, and stable flight make it an ideal choice for HD whoops.

Note: 2-4S is for the Pavo20 frame, this Pavo20 quadcopter only supports 3S batteries.

Born For DJI O3

Pavo20 is a micro cinewhoop designed for an immersive flight experience both indoors and outdoors. It handles 4K/1080P aerial cinematography, showcasing stunning visuals in any environment. With its 90mm wheelbase and aggressive power system, its unique whoop duct boosts thrust and accommodates COB LED strips, also adding a touch of creativity to your shots.  Experience the pinnacle of innovation with DJI O3 and embark on a new level of aerial cinematography whether you use the Pavo20 or Pavo Pico.

Camera & VTX System

Pavo20 supports various types of HD VTX. DJI O3 Air Unit supports up to 1080P using dual-band transmission technology for better signal stability. The Caddx Vista supports up to 720P with low latency and superior image quality performance. The RunCam Link is compatible with popular FPV systems like formers, providing versatile solutions for pilots. The customized HD VTX mounting bracket has a split design, making it effortless to install for pilots DIY, and explore more possibilities while ensuring HD image quality

Pavo20 Frame Kit

Pavo20 Frame Kit, with a wheelbase of 90mm, is constructed with a crash-proof PA12 thickened whoop duct. Its reinforced cross-section design enhances the strength and blast resistance, ensuring durability in demanding flight conditions. It employs the principles of aerodynamics and synergizes flawlessly with an enhanced power system to deliver unparalleled thrust. 

Precise Security For HD VTX

The camera side panel and 4-point fixation hole design effectively safeguard the lens while allowing for easy installation of ND filters, guaranteeing uncompromised lens protection, and eliminating any concerns about angle deviation after intense flights. Insert copper nut design, employing an integrated injection molding technique, eliminating the hassle of adjusting screw tightness and streamlining the installation. Open-ended battery strap slot that accommodates a wide range of batteries*. Side-limitation slots ensure secure and stable battery placement, preventing any potential displacement during flights. 

Note: 2-4S is for the Pavo20 frame, this Pavo20 quadcopter only supports 3S batteries.

The vibration problems and solutions encountered by Pavo20 are consistent with Pavo Pico. Please refer to Pavo Pico DJI O3 Vibration Problem.

Moreover, the integrated injection molding HD VTX mounting bracket boasts the utilization of an insert copper nut, facilitating effortless installation, equipped with half-thread screws for eliminating the trouble of adjusting the tightness of the screws, which also enhances anti-vibration and ensuring stable and smooth HD images. At the same time, it can be adapted to the Pavo Pico.


Power System

Experience the ultimate power and speed with our 1103 | 8500KV motor, it delivers unrivaled thrust for adrenaline-pumping flights. Designed specifically for 2'' props, this power system ensures exceptional agility and maneuverability in tight spaces. It supports 3S 450mAh~650mAh batteries, providing a perfect balance between flight time and performance. With up to 5 minutes of flight time, you can capture breathtaking aerial footage without interruption. Upgrade your drone's power system and elevate your flying experience to new heights.

Flight Controller

Our F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 features an ESC with a peak current of 25A, ensuring stable operation of the FC even in the event of motor stalling. The addition of a 9V 2A BEC power supply ensures the stable operation of the DJI O3 HD VTX when the battery voltage is low. It also includes a DJI O3 6-pin PMU allowing for connection to HD VTX without soldering. It integrates features such as a 16MB black box, with support for GPS, external receivers, and other devices. The redesigned solder pad layout and USB connector make installation and maintenance easier and more convenient.

Pavo Series COB LED Strip

The Pavo Series COB LED Strip is a 5V-powered LED strip measuring 560 mm*4 mm. It provides increased visibility and facilitates easy observation of the drone's flight by the pilots during nighttime or poorly lit conditions, which also enhances operational safety, It can be securely mounted on the frame whoop duct, adding unique lighting effects and a visually captivating appearance. Choose from a single color option of ice blue, white, green, or red, or even mix multiple colors to personalize and elevate your flying experience while ensuring safety.

ND Filter for DJI O3 Camera

BETAFPV ND Filter for DJI O3 Camera is specifically designed for the Pavo20 and Pavo Pico Brushless Whoop Quadcopter. Meanwhile, the DJI O3 Air Unit ND Filters are tailored for the DJI O3 Air Unit and are capable of reducing the amount of light that enters the camera lens. With this feature, you can achieve slower shutter speeds or wider apertures when flying. These lightweight filters are crafted from high-quality optical class ensuring optimal image clarity and are too easy to install on the build.

Recommend Parts

  • FC&ESC: F4 1S 12A AIO FC V3, F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1
  • Motor: 1103 | 8000kv/8500kv/11000kv
  • Propellers: GF 2015-2B, GF 2020-4B
  • Battery: 3S 450mAh~650mAh
  • VTX: DJI O3, Caddx Vista, RunCam Link
  • Filter: BETAFPV ND filter


Package included

1 * Pavo20 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter(Without HD VTX&Camera)

1 * Pavo20 HD VTX Bracket

1 * HD VTX Bracket Screw Package

1 * Pavo Series COB LED Strip Accessory Kit(Ice Blue)

4 * GemFan 2015 2-Blade Propeller

1 * Type-C Adapter Board

1 * 4Pin Adapter Cable


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