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HDZero Nano V3 Camera

72.77 EUR
Model: HDZ3213
camera cover color
aspect ratio: 4: 3/16: 9 switchable



Runcam Nano V3 HDZero camera is small and lightweight, making it ideal for whoops and micro drones. A sharp lens with very wide FOV offers the best nano camera image quality for HDZero yet.

The camera is optimized for 4:3 aspect ratio but can be configured for 16:9 aspect ratio within the camera’s settings menu. With its large FOV lens, 16:9 cut mode offers a comfortable amount of FOV and 16:9 full mode offers a very large FOV, but with vignetting.

Nano v3 is to replace Nano v2 and Nano lite camera. 

Compared to Nano v2, Nano v3 offers:

  • Larger FOV (94° vs 89°)

  • Sharper optic

  • Reduced weight (half as heavy)

Compared to Nano lite, Nano v3 offers:

  • Larger FOV (94° vs 84°)

  • Sharper optic

  • Much clearer colors and contrast

  • Marginal weight increase (0.7g)


Manufacturer:      RunCam
Model:     Nano V3 HDZero
Sensor Size:     1/2 inch
Resolution:     720@60fps 4:3
Sensitivity:      10650mV/Lux-sec
Shutter:     Rolling Shutter
FOV:     FOV D:155° H:126° V:94°
Input Power:     3.3V
Power Consumption:     0.5W
Weight:     2.2 g
Dimensions:     L14mm*W16mm*H14mm


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