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GEPRC GEP-CT30 Cinebot30 Frame

71.37 EUR
Model: GEP-CT30 Frame
Váz mérete: 3 inch 120-150 mm


About this product

This Frame Kit is for the GEPRC Cinebot30. The GEPRC Cinebot30 is a new generation of Cinematic FPV frames developed by GEPRC team. The high-strength 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy bracket for FPV camera is a combination of classic engineering and aesthetics. The newly polished gimbal damping module can easily fix high-frequency vibration and jello issues. This drone can be mounted with GEPRC Naked GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Black Bones, Insta 360 GO2 and other cameras for a stable and clear image!


Aviation 7075 aluminum alloy camera mounting bracket and fuselage aluminum column

Impact-resistant PC material for injection molding

Design that combines engineering and aesthetics

Propeller guard embedded ring COB light strip

Easily mount various action cameras

Designed by GEPRC professionals



VTX Mounting Pattern: 20x20/25.5x25.5mm

FC Mounting Pattern: 25.5x25.5mm

Motor Mounting Pattern: 12x12mm

FPV Camera Spacing: 19mm

Motor to Motor: 127mm

Frame: GEP-CT30-COB

Bottom plate: 1.5mm

Isolation Plate: 2mm

Wheelbase: 127mm

Main plate: 3mm

Weight: 103.2g

Brand: GEPRC

Prop Size: 3"


Mounting pattern 20X20; 25,5X25,5
stílus Cinewhoop
Weight 103,2 g

Package included

1x GEPRC CineBot30 Main Arm Plate

1x GEPRC CineBot30 Bottom Plate

1x GEPRC CineBot30 Top Plate

4x Motor Protection Gaskets

1x Receiver Antenna Mount

1x M15x200mm LiPo Strap

1x M15x220mm LiPo Strap


2x Connecting Wires

4x Rubber Dampers

1x Propeller Guard

1x COB Light Strip

1x Antenna Mount

2x Camera Plates

1x TPU Parts Set

1x Hardware Kit

2x Battery Pad

1x Keychain


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