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GEPRC GEP-CB5 5" frame

50.37 EUR
Model: GEP-CB5


The crocodile5 baby frame is an improved model from crocodile4 baby and crocodile7. Continue the consistent design of carbon plate + 3D print + aluminum column, ultra light weight, better operation feeling, less flight resistance, greatly reduce the vibration of the frame, better shooting effect. We have designed a wealth of matching prints. The frame has great strength and better texture. The center of gravity is designed in the middle, and the installation holes of FC and VTX are in the center of the frame. We are pursuing lower frame weight, more extended functions and better flight experience.

Váz mérete: 5 inch 180-230 mm



  1. 4mm super-strength arm, 3mm reinforced arm, the strength of a higher level.
  2. Front and rear asymmetric arm design, better operation feeling, and lower wind resistance.
  3. Carbon plate + print + aluminum column design, lower weight, more expansion function.
  4. The center of gravity is designed in the middle, and the installation holes of flying tower and graphic transmission are designed in the center of the frame
  5. A variety of mounting holes, including 26.5mm x 26.5mm and 20.5mm x 20.5mm FC mounting holes on the bottom plate, 20 mm x 20 mm Vista mounting holes on the top and fixing grooves .
  6. 12mm * 12mm motor mounting hole can be used to install mainstream 1507 / 1805 / 2004 motor,etc.


Mounting pattern 20x20/25,5x25,5 mm
stílus freestyle
Váz formája Hybrid X
Model GEP-CB5
Brand name GEPRC
Wheelbase 227mm
Top Plate 2.0 mm
Bottom plate thickness 3.0 mm
Arm 4.0 mm
Reinforced arm 3.0mm
FC mounting holes 26.5mmx 26.5mm, 20.5mm x 20.5mm
VTX mounting holes 20mm x 20mm,fixing groove
Camera Spaceing 20mm x 20mm
Motor mounting holes 12mm x 12mm
Size 210mm*160mm*32mm
Weight 84.8g (with 3D prints)

Package included


1 x Bottom Plate

1 x Top Plate

2 x Front Arms

2 x Rear Arms

1 x Front Cover Plate

1 x Rear Cover Plate

2 x Reinforced Plates


2 x M2 * 21mm Aluminum columns

4 x M2 * 27mm Aluminum columns

4 x M2 * 4mm cup head screws

10 x M2 * 6.5mm round head screws

10 x M2 * 8mm round head screws

22 x M2 * 9mm round head screws

6 x M2 * 11mm round head screws

5 x M2 * 12mm cup head screws

2 x M2 * 16mm cup head screws

4 x M2 * 18mm cup head screws

4 x M2 * 20mm cup head screws

7 x M2 Rivet nuts

8 x M2 * 4mm Damping Rings

4 x M2 * 6.5mm Damping Rings

4 x M2 Nylon Nuts

8 x M2 Lock Nuts

3D Prints:

1 x Camera mount

1 x Camera protector

1 x VTX Antenna mount

1 x TBS NanoRX Antenna mount

1 x GoPro Naked Camera mount

1 x 26.5mm26.5mm to 20mm*20mm mount Plate


1 x Battery Pad

1 x Air Unit Module  Pad

1 x EVA Landing pad

5 x Nylon Cable ties

1 x Battery strap(M15*150mm)

1 x Screwdriver(1.5mm)

1 x Antenna Wire ProtectionTube

4 x Motor Wire Protection Tubes


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