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GEPRC ELRS 868 MHz Nano Receiver

25.17 EUR
Model: GEP_ELRS_NANO_868
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GEPRC ELRS Nano receiver is a new generation remote control system developed based on the ExpressLRS open source project. ExpressLRS sets new standartds for long-range connection, low latency and maximum refresh rate of 500Hz.

GEPRC ELRS Nano receivers are available in 915/868MHz and 2.4GHz versions with maximum refresh rate of 500Hz and can be used with GEPRC ELRS-series products or other ELRS-compatible devices.


Size: 16.8mm*10mm

Weight: 0.6g(receiver only)

Frequency band: 915MHz FCC/868MHz EU/2.4GHz ISM

Input voltage:5V

Antenna connector: ipex1


1. Small size

2. 0.6g weight

3. WIFI Upgrade firmware

4. ELRS open source project, remote control

5.The operation is simple


1. The receiver is powered on and off for three consecutive times (within an interval of 1 second);

2. Receiver’s LED doing double flashing, indicating that the receiver has entered the binding mode;

3. Make the RF Tx module or radio transmitter enter binding status. Once the LED status changes to solid light, the binding is successful.


Antenna connector IPEX (u.FL)
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 16.8x10 mm
Weight 0.6 g
Input voltage:5V

Package included

1 x Receiver

1 x T antenna

2 x Heat shrink tube

4 x Silicone cable(black, red, yellow, green)

1 x Pin (4pin)

1 x Instruction manual


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