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FlyFishRC Flash 1303.5 5500kv FPV Motor

14.53 EUR
Model: flyf_Flash_1303.5_5500kv
KV value


Designed with Uni-Bell construction, the Flash 1303.5 motor offers high crash resistance without adding weight, providing FPV pilots with high reliability and explosive power and thrust at an affordable price.

The overall use of high quality materials and sturdy construction design, NMB bearings with N52SH heat resistant magnets, and high heat resistant copper wire up to 220° ensure top performance and longer life.

High quality 7075 Unibell bell makes the motor more durable. We didn't forget the look! Stunning minimalist colors provide smooth power with enough responsiveness and controlled precision to fly. These motors give an unforgettable locked-in feel!   

If you've been looking for a quality motor, the Flash motor is definitely a good choice.

-High strength titanium alloy shaft and 7075 aluminum
-Ingenious non-slip structure of the prop seat
-220°high temperature resistant copper wire
-NMB imported bearings and N52SH magnets
-High-precision manufacturing and assembly process
-Strict dynamic balance and performance QC

- Model: Flash 1303.5 (Silver&Purple)
- KV: 5500KV
- Input Voltage: 4S Lipo
- Configuration: 9N12P
- Motor dimensions (Dia *Len): 17.6*11.5MM
- Weight: 7.5g(with 120mm wire)
- Wire length: 24AWG 120mm
- Mounting pattern: 9*9mm


voltage 4 cell (14.8V)
Weight 7,5 g
Propeller mounting 1.5mm shaft+2*M2 screws
POPO compatiblequestion_mark no

Package included

1x Flash 1303.5 Motor
1x Hardware Set


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