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Diatone LeventadorX Sport Pro Framekit

63.49 EUR
Model: JH60667
Váz mérete: 5 inch 180-230 mm


Wheelbase :198mm
Weight :78g (with Tpu part)
Prop Siza :5 inch
FC Mounting:20×20mm(M2)
Motor Mounting:16mm(M3)
Camera Spacing:14mm
Max Stack Height: 20mm
Top Plate:2mm
Bottom Plate:2.5mm
Arm :2mm
Rated Volitage(Recommendation):4S~6S
carbon fiber:T300 3K
Recommended Motor Size: 22 Series motor

Carbon Fiber Parts

QTY 1 - Top Plate 2mm CF
QTY 1 - Mid Plate 2 mm CF
QTY 1 - Bottom Plate 2.5mm CF
QTY 4 - Arm 2mm CF
QTY 4 - Motor Mount 2mm CF
QTY 2 - Dual Motor Mount 2mm CF
QTY 2 - Front/Rear Brace 2mm CF
QTY 2 - Side Brace 2mm CF

Hardware Kit

QTY 4 - M3x8mm Steel Bolts
QTY 4 - M3x20mm Steel Bolts
QTY 16 - M3x14mm Steel Socket Head bolts for motors
QTY 4 - M3x10 Black Knurled Standoffs

We have lots of accessories available on ThingiVerse, such as Immersion RC Ghost antenna holders, CrossFire mounts, various antenna mounts and FPV mounts for both RunCam and Foxeer.  You can also find others that have created parts by searching for the key word “Leventador” on ThingiVerse.


Mount For SharkByte Vtx(By FireNWater) :https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4709704

I am also the designer of the PyroCube and the same style design concepts were used on this frame as well so the same build approach can be used to build the Leventador.

For tips on how to build this style of box frame, please watch this video:


Most race builds with the Sport frame are coming in at about 315grs AUW.  The intent of this frame is to be a super durable practice frame, but there are lots of folks racing this frame and doing very well.  This frame was raced at the Mayhem 12 hr race and was never broken.  There are two sponsored Mamba pilots racing this frame and were doing so prior to Mayhem and after Mayhem and have yet to break the frame!


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 198 mm
Mounting pattern 20x20 mm (micro)
stílus Cinewhoop
Weight 78 g
Váz formája True X

Package included

1 x Top Plate 2mm CF
1 x Mid Plate 2 mm CF
1 x Bottom Plate 2.5mm CF
4 x Arm 2mm CF
4 x Motor Mount 2mm CF
2 x Dual Motor Mount 2mm CF
2 x Front/Rear Brace 2mm CF
2 x Side Brace 2mm CF
4 x M3x8mm Steel Bolts
4 x M3x20mm Steel Bolts
16 x M3x14mm Steel Socket Head bolts for motors
4 x M3x10 Black Knurled Standoffs


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