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DAL Cyclone T3056C Pro Propeller - Crystal Blue 6 pairs

5.01 EUR
Model: DAL T3056C Pro
Advantages: Less noise, strong thrust, more stable, excellent dynamic balance, steady brake when making tight turns (less jello), faster top end speed.
Tougher material compared to the former DALprop T3032 (MR1314), extremely durable and hard to loose shape, suitable for turtle mode.
Propeller color
Crystal Blue


Item name: cyclone T3056C propeller
Blades: 3
Inner diamete (Prop mount): 5mm 
Material: PC+ABS
Weight: 1.7g


prop size 3 "
propeller pitch 5.6 inch
Number of blades 3
Weight 1.7 g
Propeller mounting 5mm schaft
Propeller material Poly-Carbonate (PC) + ABS
folding design no
POPO compatiblequestion_mark no

Package contents

6 x T3056C propeller CW
6 x T3056C propeller CCW


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