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C.Carbon CinamaTech 25 Cinewhoop Frame - 1,5mm Carbon

85.34 EUR
Model: c.carbon_cinematech_25_1,5mm
Váz mérete: 2,5 inch


CinemaTech frames were designed and manufactured by the CCarbon workshop primarily for video production.
The frame is produced in-house from 3K carbon sheets with flat-bed CNC milling technology.

One of the great advantages of domestic production is that the necessary parts can be procured within 1-2 days.

The frame is designed to accept most HD systems.

Thanks to the design, the frame can be used in two ways.
It can be assembled in both suction and pressure directions, according to needs.

Film on the beach during your vacation too!

Assembled Features:
Design: Stretch-X

Length: 146 mm

Width: 173 mm

Base height: 28 mm

Motor-to-motor distance: 70/94 mm

For diagonal axis: 117 mm

Acceptable motor diagonal: 3x6 or 9 mm

Thickness of carbon parts: 1.5 mm

Assembled weight of frame with TPU components: 95 g

Recommended propeller size: 2.5"


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 146x173 mm
Mounting pattern 16X16; 20X20; 25.5X25.5
stílus Cinewhoop
Weight 95 g
Váz formája Stretch X


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