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BetaFPV Micro Canopy Lite White

6.97 EUR
Model: beta_micro_canopy_lite_white


Weighting just 1.1 grams, the Micro Canopy Lite is perfect for lightweight FPV racing and 1S HD digital whoop drones. The canopy open design greatly keeps the electronics cooler, ensuring the drone's stability. It is compatible with the most popular Analog or HD VTX in the market and has adjustable camera angles from 0°-40°. To build a whoop drone with less weight, this canopy is definitely a first choice. Recommend using it with BETAFPV Meteor Series.

Bullet Point

  • Adopt with injection molding technique, this canopy is more durable, and strong enough, providing good protection for the whoop drone.
  • Only 1.1g! The hollow-out design reduces the weight of the canopy, and also allows more air to flow, decreasing the influence of heat on electronic parts.
  • Featuring 0°-40° adjustable camera angles, this canopy comes with a holder for Avatar HD Lite camera or other nano-sized cameras.
  • Lightweight and six colors for options (Black/White/Blue/Cyan/Orange/Pink). Using it with Meteor Series colorful frame will be more attractive. Recommend frames for Meteor65/Meteor65 Pro/Meteor75/Meteor75 Pro/Meteor85/Beta65S.


  • Item: Micro Canopy Lite
  • Material: PP
  • Tilt: 0°-40°
  • Weight: 1.12g
  • Color: Black/White/Blue/Cyan/Orange/Pink
  • Adapted FPV Camera: Walksnail Avatar HD Lite Camera, HDZero Nano Lite Camera, Avatar Nano Camera, Caddx ANT, Caddx Baby Ratel2
  • Adapted VTX: Walksnail Avatar HD mini 1S Lite Kit, HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle
  • Adapted Frame: Meteor65/Meteor65 Pro/Meteor75/Meteor75 Pro/Meteor85/Beta65S

Micro Canopy Lite or Micro Canopy

Much appreciated for the valuable suggestions and practical experience from pilots, which were incorporated into the ultralight weight design of this canopy. The Micro Canopy Lite is about 0.5g lighter than Micro Canopy 2022. Meanwhile, it supports more FPV cameras including Analog and HD digital VTX compared with the Micro Canopy 2022.

More Compatibility

For building or upgrading whoop drones equipped with HD digital VTX or Analog VTX, Micro Canopy Lite will be the first choice due to its compatibility. Comes with a holder for Walksnail Avatar HD Lite Camera, also perfect for other nano-sized cameras. In addition, when using the canopy with AIO FC, it will be easy to build a quad with less weight.

Meteor 75 Pro HD

The Meteor75 Pro brushless quadcopter (HD digital VTX) that equips Micro Canopy Lite, is coming soon. Micro Canopy Lite has an ultralight weight of 1.1g and open design that makes the cooler better, very friendly for whoop drone builds, especially when mounting an HD Digital VTX system. For pilots who plan to build HD digital quadcopters, this canopy is a good choice.

Package included

1 * Micro Canopy Lite (Black/White/Blue/Cyan/Orange/Pink)

1 * Holder for Avatar HD Lite Camera

4 * M1.4*2 Screws

4 * M1.4*4 Screws

4 * M1.4*8 Screws

4 * M2 Damper


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