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BetaFPV Cetus Lite Camera and VTX Module

22.37 EUR
Model: beta_cetus_lite_cam_vtx


The Cetus Lite Camera and VTX Module are used for upgrading Cetus Lite Kit to support the First-person view and also the replacement part for Cetus Lite FPV. Cetus Lite Camera and VTX are pre-build. With a plug-n-play connector, it is very easy for pilots to install without soldering.

Bullet Points

  • Miniature, and lightweight design, weight at only 2.47g. The original camera and VTX for Cetus Lite.
  • 800TVL resolution and 1/4" CMOS sensor ensure good quality and a clear image.
  • Support global WDR with a 4:3 aspect ratio, it can shoot clear dynamic images even in low light conditions.
  • With a 1.8mm Lens, and 150° FOV, it is capable of recording wide and beautiful scenes.



  • Item: Cetus Lite Camera and VTX Module
  • Image Sensor: 1/4" CMOS Sensor
  • Horizontal: 800TVL with Global WDR
  • VTX: 25mW
  • Signal System: NTSC (4:3)
  • Lens: 1.8mm FOV 150°
  • Lens External Diameter: 10mm
  • Power: DC 3.7V-5.5V
  • Dimension: 15.5*14.5*16mm
  • Weight: 2.47g (Camera&VTX)

Package included

1 * Cetus Lite Camera and VTX Module

1 * Mounting Part

1 * Power Cable

4 * Screws


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