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ORQA FPV.One OLED FPV Goggles Black

617.65 EUR
529.12 EUR
Discount: 88.53 EUR
Discount: 14%
Model: ORQA FPV.one-black
The ORQA FPV.One OLED FPV Goggles superbly engineered optics set a new benchmark for immersive FPV experience.
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The ORQA goggles feature a large 1280x960 OLED screen for incredible color, clarity, and picture. It has a large FOV of 44 degrees giving you an immersive FPV experience, and a wide IPD range (56-74 mm) to ensure a good fit for all faces. The high-quality optics provide a clear and sharp picture from edge to edge; no edge blur.

The ORQA FPV.One goggle is packed with features like support for 16:9 and 4:3 display output, power button, built-in de-fogging fan and so much more.

Advanced Tracking Systems

Preserve your displays and save battery power with a built-in auto-standby feature. Best antenna performance is guaranteed with our Head Tilt Alarm, notifying you when the angle of the goggles moves out of optimal alignment with your quad.

No Light Leak

Designed for pilots from pilots. Best in class ergonomics means these goggles will finally fit your face the way you wished all goggles did.

Designed And Manufactured In Europe

Every unit is hand-assembled and QC'd by our team of engineers and technicians. Orqa is proudly designed and made in Croatia, Europe.

Choose Your Receiver

The standard high-power receiver bay on FPV.One accepts all common receivers such as RapidFire, Fusion, Foxeer, and more.

Note: Receiver module is not included.

Three Colors To Choose From

FPV.One is now available in three different colors to customize your look. Go classic with the original black color, or choose one of the new options - gray or blue.

FPV.Connect Module (sold separately)

Use your FPV.One Goggle how you want, share footage to social media from your goggles, update firmware wirelessly, access DVR from your mobile device, and many more features currently in development. FPV.Connect Module sold here.


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 177 x 99 x 72 mm
Radio frequency 5.8 GHz
Weight 210 g
Color Option Black
Viewing angle 44° or 30°
Screen resolution 1280 x 960 pixels
Aspect ratio 4:3 native, 16:9 (720p)
Power supply 6-10VDC (2S LiPo Battery)
Power consumption 4.2W max.
Integrated Head Tracker Output 3.5mm jack
Headphones audio out 3.5mm jack
Composite Video input 3.5mm jack
HDMI video input micro HDMI
Battery connector 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel connector
IPD Range 56 - 74 mm
Integrated defogging fan +
Integrated DVR 1280x960 25-60 fps, H.264, 18mbps .mp4
Wide head strap 35mm
Standard receiver bay High power
Secondary bay for additional modules 5V, SPI, I2C
Weight (without battery) 210 grams
Dimensions 177 x 99 x 72 mm

Package contents

1 x ORQA FPV.One OLED FPV Goggle
1 x Battery
2 x foam pad
1 x Hard Carrying Case


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