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NewBeeDrone Whirligig V2 3'' 4'' 5'' Frame

46.17 EUR
Model: NBD743
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NewBeeDrone Whirligig V2 3'' Arm set NewBeeDrone Whirligig V2 3'' Arm set
18.17 EUR


The Whirligig was designed to be used with or without the DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista Unit. The Whirligig V2 frame now we provide 3'' 4'' 5'' arm function for you to select.  Long Range light weight build is now available.  

The Whirligig also sports a near perfect CoG with the DJI Air Unit and stack on board. It is easier to service and a more simple design but is a smidge heavier than the NewBeeDrone Vim frame.

Design to work best with 1404-08 motors, 600mah 4s and a 20x20 FC and ESC stack Its also ready for Whoop size board right now! 

The 20x20 used on this frame must use M3 hardware.

  • Slotted M3 stack mounting holes on the bottom plate
  • DJI mounts in center of quad near CoG in the NBD DJI AirUnit Standoffs, M3 stack mounts in rear of quad suggested use of wire pcbs for shorter motor wires.
    • frame can be used without DJI Air unit
  • DJI Camera Mounting holes: M2 Mounting slots DJI Camera that allow for 10-40deg of cam angle
  • A single M2 mounting hole for traditional micro cam mounting option.

Carbon Fiber Parts:
Body: Top Plate& Bottom Plate with Battery pad
Side Camera Plate

Hardware include: 
Standoff M2 25mm X2 
Standoff M2 20mm X4
Screw M3 8mm X5
Screw M3 6mm X7
Screw M2 8mm X14


Mounting pattern 20x20 mm (micro)
stílus freestyle

Package included

1 x Frame (whithout arms)


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